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Understand your opportunity

The Opportunity Analysis (OA) tool is available to all Australian pharmacies to help you assess the potential opportunity available in pharmacy programs and services (known collectively as ‘professional services’).

The OA helps you understand your 7CPA program potential, as well as the opportunity unique to each pharmacy in providing pharmacy health services and developing innovative patient programs.

The tool includes the OA report and an accompanying 20-minute phone or video consultation with the Pharmacy Programs and Services consultants at The Platform Alliance Group.

The OA service has been utilised by pharmacists and pharmacy owners since 2016. Our goal in providing this service is to help raise the standard of services across the pharmacy profession, to support pharmacy owners in operating a sustainable business model and for improved community health outcomes - by optimizing 7CPA-funded programs and supporting the growth of innovative health services.

We encourage all pharmacy owners to take advantage of this valuable service and to realise your pharmacy's potential.

Start your OA report today; information entered is saved as you go, so you can pause and come back anytime to complete it.

The OA service is available for all Australian pharmacy proprietors.

General pricing: $149 + GST

Platform Alliance Group member pricing: $99 + GST

Group packages are available – Contact us to discuss.

Contact us to purchase or for assistance with logging in or accessing an existing report.

The OA tool includes the OA report and an accompanying 20-minute phone or video consultation.

The OA Report

The reporting tool acts as a calculator for both current and potential professional services opportunity, taking into account 7CPA caps and your own pharmacy’s targets.

Enter the number of services currently provided in your pharmacy, your targets for growth, and allow the automatic calculations to generate your report.

The report gives you a snapshot of the professional services potential that is still available to you. This provides valuable clarity for planning and prioritising the programs and services that will be feasible to support your pharmacy’s vision and goals.

The OA Consultation

This is a 1:1 personalised phone or video consultation with a specialist Pharmacy Programs and Services Consultant.

The consultation is available on completion of your report. It will help you:

  • Interpret the report
  • Answer questions
  • Identify which elements of the report are most relevant to you
  • Ensure you have practical takeaways and a clear direction to work with going forward
  • Provide direction for supporting services that are available

About our Consultants

Login and fill in the
Receive your
Book in for a
consultation to discuss
your report.
Ask all your questions &
identify takeaway
Integrate the learnings
from the OA into
Support is available for
overcoming barriers or
  • Assess missed potential
  • Access 7CPA remuneration
  • Support a sustainable business model for your pharmacy
  • Consider opportunities in pharmacy programs and services beyond CPA-funded programs
  • Tap into personalised direction from the Pharmacy Programs and Services Consultants in your 20-minute OA Consultation

The OA tool was initially developed by instigo and was provided as a partnership between The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and The Platform Alliance Group (formerly instigo) since 2016. In 2022, The Platform Alliance Group are proud to have taken on full ownership of the tool and continue to offer this valuable service to all pharmacy owners.

About The Platform Alliance Group

The Platform Alliance Group (PAG) is Australia’s leading pharmacy services provider, operating across all sectors of the pharmacy industry.

The OA is delivered by PAG’s Pharmacy Programs and Services team (a pharmacist team), - an independent consulting arm of the company - providing specialised consultancy, coaching, and pharmacy programs to clients across the industry.

Support is available to help you integrate the learnings from the report into the day to day
operations of your pharmacy.

For many pharmacies, the OA is sufficient as a stand-alone service that provides clarity and direction.

However, for many owners, managers and pharmacy teams, putting the learnings into action can be challenging. If you have been wanting to make change or grow your professional services offering, but haven’t been able to make that happen on your own yet, you’re not alone!

The common barriers faced by pharmacies wanting to grow and expand their professional services offering are time, competing demands, overwhelm with navigating the rules and guidelines, not knowing where to start, maintaining focus during the busyness of pharmacy life, and dealing with resistance.

The Platform Alliance Group provides a suite of services and solutions to help business owners and their teams develop a sustainable business model. Visit


The Opportunity Analysis was an important part of the process and it highlighted that we were already doing a lot of good things but that there were areas where we could improve. It gave me a very good idea of the way we could move forward in the future. We already had some material to help guide us in professional service delivery and development but we weren’t moving forward as fast as I wanted – I like to move quickly and get things done.

Alvin Narsey -

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick VIC

The Opportunity Analysis, which is the first step in the process, was a good exercise to undergo because it quantified the opportunities that were there. It made them real and it gave me an idea of what was possible if we achieved those numbers. My staff are very excited; I have appointed one pharmacist to take ownership of the program and take control of it.

Mario Barone -

Barone Pharmacy Woodcroft NSW

The Opportunity Analysis report was an eye opener to the opportunities that existed within our pharmacy and from our feedback session we were able to create an action plan to begin making positive changes to our business to further develop our professional services offering.

Rick Samimi -

Owner Amcal Pharmacy, Macquarie Centre NSW

The Opportunity Analysis offered by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia program is a great way to identify professional service target areas for your pharmacy. The process is simple and informative. This is something every pharmacy needs to do!

Nick Knowles -

Owner, Nick Knowles Pharmacist Advice NSW

I found that the real value of the Opportunity Analysis was realised during the consultation process that followed. Despite reasonably extensive reading, I have always found it difficult to remain up to date with all the opportunities that are available for expanding my professional services, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia consultation set these out in a clear and easily implementable format that will systematically and sustainably introduce these services to my pharmacy and its customers via the Pharmacy Guild of Australia program.

Colin Wood -

Owner, FullLife Ulverstone TAS

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